Remote working and working from home are two completely different concepts. Remote working is working from home, but also coworking spaces, shared offices, public working spaces and more. Allowing you to work without being in direct face-to-face contact with your employer, boss or client. …

It is every website owner’s nightmare: your website is offline and you have no idea how to fix it. But what most people don not know is that you do not have to sit by and watch in despair. There are things you can do. We have made two easy-to-use action lists: one easy list for non-technical people and one hands-on list for more advanced users.


Not technical? Here are some basic checks that anyone can perform.

  • Check the error message and load time
    The first thing you can do is closely read the error that is being displayed in your browser when you are trying to visit your website. Does it take long to load the error page? Or are you getting an instant error message…


Give your web hoster a heads-up

Make sure that your web hoster is aware of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so that there is no planned maintenance, and support is available 24/7.

Check your HTTPS certificates

Double-check that your certificates are not going to expire next week. …

Jelle De Laender

Founder of CodingMammoth. Developer of Semonto, our Server/Website Monitoring Tool. Head of Security at Sketch 😎👮‍♂️

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