What is HTTPS?

Why do I need HTTPS?

Our experience with working remotely

It is every website owner’s nightmare: your website is offline and you have no idea how to fix it. But what most people don not know is that you do not have to sit by and watch in despair. There are things you can do. We have made two easy-to-use action lists: one easy list for non-technical people and one hands-on list for more advanced users.


Not technical? Here are some basic checks that anyone can perform.

Black Friday (the 29th of November), followed with the more unknown but also popular Cyber Monday is the ideal moment to promote your webshop with some great deals. But, are you sure your website is ready for these potential surges in traffic? We have prepared a short checklist to ensure your webshop is optimised for the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


Give your web hoster a heads-up

Check your HTTPS certificates

Make a backup

Improve your SEO

It seems impossible, but it’s well hidden and possible

Jelle De Laender

Founder of CodingMammoth. Developer of Semonto, our Server/Website Monitoring Tool. Head of Security at Sketch 😎👮‍♂️

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